The cover for “The Spirit of Krynn”, a Fantasy novel coming 2013


Cover for “The Spirit of Krynn” written by, Ryan Tyler Palmer, copyright est. Dec 2012

Graphic arts. For this cover were done by Steven James Catizone, write independent film producer, musician, artist, and after working with him, I am convinced he is an artistic genius. Thank you Steven, for being fast and professional. Steven worked with me to get the perfect mood for this cover and his artistic creativity is limited by nothing. He also created the werewolfs used in the images and the landscape from scratch. If you would like some killer imaging, Steven has the imagination of a hungry shark, perfect and efficient in its element.

Steven James Catizone can be reached for freelance art work at,

All characters are based on descriptions in the work titled, “Age of Armageddon: The Spirit of Krynn” and are protected under Federal law through the copyright above


2 thoughts on “The cover for “The Spirit of Krynn”, a Fantasy novel coming 2013

    • Thank you. Steven James Catizone, the indie film producer-musician-artist did the cover and is available for hire for book covers or digital art. I agree, he is a talented guy and as far as bringing the characters to life, he nailed it.

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