A Nation of Heroes at Heart

My new novel “Age of Armageddon: The Spirit of Krynn” was released by Author Bomb Books through Ingram book group on April 15, 2013, the day of the Boston Massacre Bombing. We postponed the book launch in respect of the incident and in my emotional state, wrote a patriotic statement to hopefully inspire grieving Americans. This is my thought on the Boston Massacre…
I wanted to make a statement about the event bombing in Boston. Some speculate that it was a domestic conspiracy and others believe it terrorists from abroad, a prelude for what is to come. It is a terrible crime. This photo shows a mysterious man on the roof overlooking the explosion. Maybe it is the terrorist, or a citizen stealing a peek as the competitors reach their end. I am sorry for the people who met their untimely end that day and their families. I wish a quick recovery to the injured.
The point of this statement is to address the individual/individuals responsible directly. What were you thinking? If you are trying to instill fear, you will be surprised, because Americans come together in times of crisis. You will not scatter us, or force us cowering in the shadow of evil’s tormenting presence. Sure, we run for survival from fire and force, but we will return stronger than ever. We are people who’s heroes prevail in combat. Our entertainment is saturated with heroic violence and competition for a reason. We like it. Again, the loss endured by those who were attacked on that dreadful day is great and it is not enjoyable by any means, and mostly we are a peace loving country, but rest easy thy wounded heart, heroic patriot hears your cry.
When our government finds that loose end, dangling in the sorrowful wind of the blast’s resounding pop, that hateful son of a bitch is going to pay. In this case, Lady justice, who wears a blindfold, will pass her unbiased judgement. After the scale is balanced out, she will violently peel her blindfold from her pale visage, stare the guilty parties in the eye before she raises her glinting steel. A shining weapon carrying with it the crushing weight of the cherished dead, the heavy hearts of America, and the vengeance of our millions of patriots. She will at that moment ask a simple question, “Who is terrified now?”. We are a nation of united patriots, and you are going to pay for this.
Written by, Ryan Tyler Palmer

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