New Comic Publisher CEO is Top Notch: Cornerstone Creative Studios

CCS crew led by Jesse "Cadre" Hansen

I wrote this a year ago when I first met Hansen, CEO of Cornersone. I have since been recruited into the ranks but found this as a saved draft I never published.

Jesse Hanson CEO, is the lead on Cornerstone Creative and has an arsenal of comic book industry veterans at his disposal. I spoke with him for some time on sunday, and although the project is not officially released, he has a slew of comic genius ready to hit the market soon. Armed with talented artists, a solid base of writers, and a love for comic books, Jesse plans to launch a list of titles in the near future.

Here is a list of his personal accomplishments.

Jesse “Cadre” Hansen has been published in over 35 comic books, magazines and periodicals, including Cracked Magazine. He has done everything from Pre-Press, Editor role, Art Director, Publisher, Penciller, Inker, Grayscale/Colorist and even Letters and Post production. He has been a Marketing Director for a couple of companies as well. All the while, maintaining the studio you see here as CEO/Founder/Artist/Agent, welcome to his brain child…
Cornerstone Creative Studios.
Jesse started the (formerly known as Cadre Corner Studios) Cornerstone Studios in hopes that it would be a launching pad for helping other young talented individuals make their mark on the art industry.

A Commercial Artist by Trade — A Comic Artist by Passion

1994: Graduated from National Education Centers with an Associated of Science Degree In Commercial Art along with a minor in Video Production.


In addition to these credentials, he holds a talent that is often absent on humans resume, he has a heart. He is humble, fun, and a gentleman. He was a refreshing reprieve from the writing/comic book snobs that new talent waiting to be discovered often trudges through on the way to their own successes. It is not a gimmick, it is not a hoax, he fits the definition of a Top Notch Guy.

Ryan Tyler Palmer

Owner, Author Bomb Books

Independent Writer

Aspiring entertainer


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