Hayvard Saint’s 8 submission to “Creators for Creators” grant, a new beginning with story about “The End”

My team and I submitted to Creators for Creators grant. Pages turned in with the proposal are exciting, my creative team rocked it! With submissions closed I am in the waiting game of my life. I have work to do and will carry on, but the potential and opportunity this grant can award goes way beyond the 30K production money and the publishing deal our team agreed to claim with me.

This is the potential beginning to long term comics, the freedom to create, and a chance to realize my dreams. I don’t want a handout and could care less about money. Its probably why I am so bad at making said money. I want my team paid and to create stories with passion. I want the opportunity. And if I get it, I will work the rest of my career to prove that I am the creator that grant was built for. I am the man that will claim that destiny. I will begin a legacy. Its not narcissism. I always write like the world is ending, and its ironic I want to debut with post apocalyptic fiction.

This post is to make it clear for any and all readers. Regardless of grant or situation, I go full tilt on my scripts. I work hard, I research, I outline, I construct and conduct the story I want to read. And I am fighting with a spirited charge to do something simple and noble with it…I want to share it with this amazing comic community and the fans that are hungry for something new and fun.

#oneacceptanceletteraway #cornerstonecreativestudios #The8 #AoAforever


~Ryan Tyler Palmer

Writer/Project Manager/Creator

Creator of “Havard Saint’s 8: Federal Offensive Responders U.S. Division

Creative Team Credits:

Writer/Creator: Ryan “The Lion” Palmer

Pencils & Inks: Joseph “Pencil Wizard” Arnold

Colors: Alessandro “Grandissimo” Turetta

Letters: Ed “Duke” Dukeshire

File edits & Formatting: Jesse “Cadre” Hansen

Script & Proposal Edits: Daniel “Eagle” Horowitz & Alex “Swan” Schnee

Senior Shooter & Video Edits: Daniel “Wide Eye” Stairs


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