Writing Meteor Girl, interviewed by the Artist Jonhda Starling


Jonhda Starling is doing her college report including material from our project “Meteor Girl & The Astronerds” at Cornerstone Creative Studios. I had a video meeting with her and we went over questions about the creative process, the amazing story, and our opinions about this black female character.

The interview went so well and was a lot of fun. Jonhda Starling is great and a talented artist. We also collaborated on a two page short comic strip that she will be drawing this week specifically for this project. It is a strip, but also a social experiment that will hopefully be well received. We will be starting the concept collaboration stage again soon, and develop more to round out our origin issue. We are excited to bring this hero to the comic world and hopefully it will be something everyone can appreciate.

Jonhda Starling was in the Navy and is working current as an electrician in Colorado. Her dream is to draw full time. She is well mannered and extremely easy to talk to and work with and I am happy to get to split this title with someone that has her skills and is so productive while collaborating. Cornerstone Creative Studios is supporting us as we seek to add this hero and expand our shared universe of heroes.

You can get updates for “Meteor Girl & The Astronerds”, other upcoming projects, and our investment news or crowdfunding campaigns on our studio supporter page at the link below:



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