The blog title sounds simple, but this is the biggest step. Securing the funding I need for a dream. Can you put a price tag on an intangible dream? Currently we can, with a beautiful enabler in

I have put time and money into publishing my Age of Armageddon novel and pursuing the adaptation. I am fortunate to have support from the amazing talent at Cornerstone Creative Studios, LLC, and the many experienced industry friends I have made in my journey. My dream is to continue creating and share Hayvard Saint’s 8: Federal Offensive Responders U.S. with readers. My dream is to merge with Jesse Hansen’s Cornerverse and partner to grow a comic universe of action, wonder, and storytelling long term.

I am strong and confident in the writing slot, and must work hard to go outside this comfort zone, but its worth it. To fight against the grain and battle a dizzying sea of information needed to promote, build, and execute a crowdfunding campaign is my path. I walk it knowing what I am doing is right, and that it is necessary to share my passion for storytelling.

Let us at Cornerstone Creative Studios entertain you. We will bring you something new and exciting and deliver it with heroic stories, sharp artwork, and passionate enthusiasm. We love this work, and will work for you if you will have us. We care about you and this market, and have plans to give it an high dose injection of Super Heroism. We will be updating the public as we close in on a confirmed date for our crowdfunding and your pledges will get you rewards, new heroes, and reading material you can share with your friends, family, and children.

I invite you to send me an email at, and link up. I can send you notifications once we start our campaign and proceed to deliver on the promises above, then, continue with the promises for the future. Thank you infinitely for reading this.


“An imperfect man, with perfect dreams and aspirations.”

Here is the current roster with more in development. An explosive fusion of our collective creativity & Jesse Hansen’s vision. The Cornerverse.

Kinetic the Speedster, The Mighty Victor Champion, A cursed knight named Vault, The Immortal Eternatech, Kur of the Nexus, Hordeworld Refugees Destyn & Striking Swan, The Anomaly Power Block, Patriotic American Eagle, The Halven, Intergalactic Knight, The Hunter Twins, Komodos the Dragon, The Awesome Angel, The GIX, Ultra Ghost, and the Infallible Mammoth Monk!


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